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What is an OS expander roll?

Features of OS expander roll

OS expander roll is an expander roll that was developed about 60 years ago for use in our dyeing and organizing machines. Compared to other expander rolls, the surface of the roll is run-out polished after assembly, so it achieves a rotation accuracy of 0.02 or less, which is comparable to the run-out accuracy of straight rubber rolls.

In addition, the sizes with a proven track record cover outer diameters from φ17 (shaft diameter φ6) to φ340 (shaft diameter φ220), and effective surface lengths from 100w to 8200w. All major rotating parts except rubber pipes are manufactured in-house under strict quality control.

OS expander roll structure

A large number of short rotating bodies (bobbins) with ball bearings are lined up on a curved shaft, and a synthetic rubber sleeve is placed on top of them to form a roller body. The shaft is fixed and only the roller body rotates.

*The internal structure is introduced in the video.

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