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​Precautions regarding non-warranty

​OS Expander Roll Not covered by warranty

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​1. Repair due to negligence in proper use and handling

​2. Repairs due to wind and flood damage, earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes and other natural disasters, pollution and abnormal voltage (abnormal commercial power supply)

​3. In case of failure or damage due to repair or modification other than our service

​4. When a failure occurs in this product due to other connected devices

​5. In case of failure or damage due to use in a place other than the original place of use

​6. Failure or damage caused by dropping after purchase, transportation, movement, installation, etc.

​7. Handling contrary to the usage and cautions described in the instruction manual In case of failure caused by handling

​8. Replacement of consumables

​9. A product whose product model name or serial number has been modified or intentionally removed.

​10. Problems that occur between specific parts or connected devices (what is called mutual problems)

​11. When purchased from a non-authorized retailer

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