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OS expander roller effectively removes "Wrinkle" generated in manufacturing and the processing process of the product in seats such as a film, paper, an non-woven cloth, metallic foils, and textile and "Slack" without influencing the seat.


OS expander roller is a roller that arranges two or more bobbins that rotate on the axis curved by an arbitrary size with the ball bearing, and does "Enhance and widen" to cover the surface with the rubber sleeve of each material.

The axis is fixed, and the mechanism that the entire curve doesn't rotate, and only the respect length part rotates.


<Soft and light rotation specification>
It gives it to another by the special internal structure originally developed, and the production of "Soft and special light rotation specification" that doesn't see the example becomes possible, the adverse effect on the seat is suppressed to the minimum, and the big result has been given to the quality improvement of the product.
<It produces it in the specification according to the usage.>
It is possible to produce it in the specification put together on various materials, each process, and each usage (clean room in high-speed, underwater, and the liquid etc.).
<Rubber can be exchanged.>
Rubber can be exchanged even if the rubber sleeve is damaged, and it is worn out by any chance.